One of my favorite things in makeup is lipstick. I feel like the look will be complete by wearing them. This are some of my favorite ones.

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  1. Nudestix Pulse: This is a Mini Gel Color Lip, it comes in a set of 3 lipsticks that costs $24. I love the color because it´s the perfect nude lip for my skin tone.
  2. Nudestix Sin: This is a Mini Cream Lip, it comes with the mini gel color lip in the color Pulse.  One of the thing I love about this color is the consistency of the lipstick, it is really creamy and soft. Set of 3 $24
  3.  Marc Jacobs Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: A mini lipstick, it was a birthday edition so you can´t find the exact color anymore but I´ll leave you something similar to this one. $30
  4. Tarte Birthday Suit: The perfect creamy matter lip paint, the consistency is so good, it feels like you don´t have lipstick after it is dry. $20
  5. Kat Von D Lolita (Chestnut rose): Everlasting liquid lipstick. $20
  6. Kat Von D Lolita (Mette dusty rose): Studded Kiss Lipstick, the same color as number 5. $21
  7. Mac Cosmetics Taupe: Matte lipstick. I don´t really like brown lipstick but this shade is a really light brown that goes perfect with my skin. $17
  8. Mac Cosmetics It´s really me: Patentpolish lip pencil, a convination on lip gloss and lipstick in one. Love this one because is really easy to put one and it gives a natural look with some color and shimmer. $21
  9. Estēe Lauder Hot Kiss: The package of this one is an old version but the color is the same in the new version. Love using this lipstick for a night out with really light shades in my eyes. $32
  10. Red Lipstick: I bought this lipstick in a small boutique in México City but I don´t remember the name.
  11. Red Liquid Lipstick: Same as number 10. So sorry about this 2 but I wanted to show you all that I love a good red lip.
  12. NYK Cosmetics Tokyo: Soft matte lip cream. Really like this product the consistency is really soft and the matte effects it gives is incredible. $6

Before I put one of this lip products I put some lip primer on so it last longer and always line my lips and depending the color I will fill them in with the lip liner and then add the lipstick.

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How to choose your heels?

Having a closet full of heels, the dream of every women. But first you need some basic heels, you should not buy the one with a really bright color or with to many details, you won´t be able to wear them as much as a basic one.

Fun Fact: Heels were worn by man too because  they represented a higher statuts in society.

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The Power of Red

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Red the official color for Fall 2017. One of the primary colors in the color wheel, since red is the color of blood we associate with danger, courage, passion, anger, love and joy. There´s a ton of different shades from orange-red to violet-red.

A lot of designer are using red for their new collection like Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabanna, between others. They use it for the complete outfits or just some details that make it look better. This color can be worn in any occasion from a casual day to formal event. For me red is a color that makes you stand out because is really bright and makes your skin tone glow. Red is the official color but theres other colors that come strong for this season are chocolate brown and turquoise that you can make them work for your everyday style.

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Buy just to buy

One of the biggest mistake, I´ve had this problem a lot, I don´t have an idea of what I want and need and just buy stuff without thinking if I really need it and if I really like it. I don´t use all my clothings pieces because when I get home with them I don´t find the way to use them.

Cling to the size

Not because you are size 4 in Zara means you are size 4 in Massimo Dutti because every store uses different materials for their clothing, the style and the form of the clothing can be differnt. It is better to buy something that fits you than something that looks either small or big on you. That doesn´t mean you gain weight.

Buy only because it´s branded

I think you should first buy the essentials and then go for the branded clothes. You       can´t just wear one Chanel blazer, you of course need other clothing pieces. Other thing is that not just because is not branded it´s bad quality, there are really good stores that have good quality clothes.

Always buying the same thing

I always make this mistake, I love black so when I go shopping I always say to myself that I need to buy other colors but I always get stuck in black and finish buying the same thing every single time.

Buy clothing that is not necessary for the season

You won´t buy a dress when is winter because you won´t be able to wear it until spring and the same the other way buying a coat in summer is not a good idea you will be able to wear it until winter.

Buy just because is a trend

Not all trends look good on every body type  so the best thing is to wear what will look good on your body.

Buy everything that is on sale

Not beacause is on sale means it will look good on you, fit you or even need it.

So now everytime you go shopping think of this. It is better to go with a list of things you actually need and buy clothes that make you feel good and match your personality.


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Best Trainers To Buy

White trainers have always been a statement piece in our closet. But 2016 trends have been talking about new trends, trainers with metallic colors, bright colors, accessories, etc. Via Valenti will tell you which trainers to buy.




Basket Platform Metallic Women´s Sneakers.



Nike Air Force 1 07.



Catseye Satin Lace Up trainers.



Laminated Chunky Sole Plimsolls.



Nike Internationalist SE.



Crystal Flatform Lace Up trainers.

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Her style on you

Her style on you

Black top
$15 –

Chloé white blazer

VILA gray shorts
$36 –

Giuseppe Zanotti black leather shoes

Clare V leopard handbag

Silver heart necklace
$22 –

Ray-Ban black sunglasses

Charlotte Tilbury lips makeup
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