One of my favorite things in makeup is lipstick. I feel like the look will be complete by wearing them. This are some of my favorite ones.

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  1. Nudestix Pulse: This is a Mini Gel Color Lip, it comes in a set of 3 lipsticks that costs $24. I love the color because it´s the perfect nude lip for my skin tone.
  2. Nudestix Sin: This is a Mini Cream Lip, it comes with the mini gel color lip in the color Pulse.  One of the thing I love about this color is the consistency of the lipstick, it is really creamy and soft. Set of 3 $24
  3.  Marc Jacobs Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: A mini lipstick, it was a birthday edition so you can´t find the exact color anymore but I´ll leave you something similar to this one. $30
  4. Tarte Birthday Suit: The perfect creamy matter lip paint, the consistency is so good, it feels like you don´t have lipstick after it is dry. $20
  5. Kat Von D Lolita (Chestnut rose): Everlasting liquid lipstick. $20
  6. Kat Von D Lolita (Mette dusty rose): Studded Kiss Lipstick, the same color as number 5. $21
  7. Mac Cosmetics Taupe: Matte lipstick. I don´t really like brown lipstick but this shade is a really light brown that goes perfect with my skin. $17
  8. Mac Cosmetics It´s really me: Patentpolish lip pencil, a convination on lip gloss and lipstick in one. Love this one because is really easy to put one and it gives a natural look with some color and shimmer. $21
  9. Estēe Lauder Hot Kiss: The package of this one is an old version but the color is the same in the new version. Love using this lipstick for a night out with really light shades in my eyes. $32
  10. Red Lipstick: I bought this lipstick in a small boutique in México City but I don´t remember the name.
  11. Red Liquid Lipstick: Same as number 10. So sorry about this 2 but I wanted to show you all that I love a good red lip.
  12. NYK Cosmetics Tokyo: Soft matte lip cream. Really like this product the consistency is really soft and the matte effects it gives is incredible. $6

Before I put one of this lip products I put some lip primer on so it last longer and always line my lips and depending the color I will fill them in with the lip liner and then add the lipstick.

Via Valenti | Valentina

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